Studies & Assessments

Formal Assessments

Projects where facilities hire NBP directly to evaluate their buildings or infrastructure. NBP assesses new and aging mechanical and electrical systems. Recently, NBP has been tasked by Valdosta State University, Darton College, Macon State University, and the College of Coastal Georgia to help them identify needs and, once the needs have been identified and prioritized, provide conceptual estimates.  

Informal Assessments

Some assessments have been completed on an informal basis as part of an overall relationship has developed with a facility through the years. NBP has worked with David Sims and K.C. Harris at Macon State College to discuss issues and brainstorm improvements as part of an assessment. This discussion led to a total renewal of the Campus Underground Piping from the original 1967 Central Energy Plant and control improvements to the buildings with increased the efficiency of the use of the CEP Chilled Water. 

Problem Solving or Complaint Related Assessments

NBP has been involved in numerous assessment projects in reaction to problems or complaints from facilities.  Southern Polytechnic State University experienced many issues with their Building J. In 2004, NBP identified numerous deficiencies — from improper boiler installations and poor chiller plant configuration to inadequate air conditioning on the top floor. An assessment and budgets were prepared for correction and the resulting projects were successful. 

Assessments by Commissioning

NBP is increasingly participating in assessments by commission. These projects involve working with teams of contractors and test and balance consultants to resolve issues and maximize efficiency.