Meeting the needs of quality designs for new buildings, renovations, restorations,  and specialized systems.                                                                   

HVAC Design

Conventional HVAC Systems

Duct & Piping Layout 


High Temperature

Chilled Water 

Computer Rooms

Steam Condensate  

High & Low Temperature Hot Water   

Chilled Water

Condenser Water

Industrial HVAC Systems

Process Heat Containment 

Fume and Exhaust Hoods

Welding Exhaust 

Automotive Exhaust 

Paint Booth Ventilation

Organic Compound Exhaust

Heating/Cooling Load Calculations

HEPA Systems

Smoke Evacuation

Central Utility Systems

Energy Management Systems Controls

Electrical Design

Primary and Secondary Distribution Systems    

Lighting Systems

Communication Systems

Security Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems 

Standby and Emergency Generators

Uninterruptible Power Supplies  

Lightning Protection Systems 


Plumbing and Fire Protection Design

Process Piping Systems   

Waste Systems

Building Service Utilities

Hot and Cold Water Distribution 

Central Utility Systems

Medical and Process Gas Systems

Water Purification

Life Safety Code Compliance

Wet and Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems  

Special Hazard Systems  

Commercial Kitchens                                                             



LEED® Design 

Energy Audits 

Audio Visual Design

Telecommunications Design


Peer Review 

Construction Administration